Back pain can affect many aspects of your life, including your sexual relationship with your partner. Avoiding sex due to back pain can potentially impact your personal relationship, so it is important to find a way to engage in sexual activity even though you have back problems. Here are some tips to help you to be intimate with your partner despite back problems. 

Talk to Your Partner

One of the biggest mistakes you could make is leaving your partner out of the loop when it comes to your back problems. Discuss with him or her what you are feeling and how it could potentially affect your relationship. If your partner knows what is going on, he or she is more likely to be understanding and willing to experiment to find safe ways to be intimate. 

Prepare Your Body for Sex 

Before having sex, there are things you can do to lessen the chances that you will experience pain during and after intimacy. For instance, you can take an over-the-counter pain reliever before to help avoid pain. You can also try taking a hot shower before sex. The warm water can help to relax your muscles and prevent spasms. 

After sex, it is a good idea to ice the areas of your back in which you typically have problems. Icing your back helps to relieve tension in your back and thwart pain. 

Change Positions

When you are having sex, it is important that you keep your back condition in mind. Your condition can influence what positions are safest for you during sex. For instance, if you have a disc herniation, bending forward could be painful and could worsen your condition. 

By factoring in your condition, you can experiment with finding a position that is safer fro you. Using the previous example, disc herniation could be handled by lying on your back during sex if you are a man. You and your partner might have to try several positions before finding the one that works for you. You also have to remember that what is most comfortable could change from day to day, so be prepared to change sexual positions.

Consult with a back pain specialist, like those at Hand & Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists, to learn what other techniques you can use to avoid back pain during sex. It can take some trial and error before finding what works for you, but it can be worth it for you and your partner.