Having bunions and other problems with your feet can be painful and embarrassing. Whether you have bunions right now or if you just want to prevent them, you could be wondering what, exactly, causes them. There are actually a few things that can cause bunions; these are three of them.

1. Foot Defect

Some people are actually born with a foot defect that can make them more susceptible to getting bunions. Basically, it has to do with the structure of your feet. In many cases, this is hereditary. If other people in your family have had problems with bunions or often complain about other foot problems, or if your foot structure seems to be abnormal (even if you have never had any foot-related problems), you could be more at risk of getting bunions.

2. Arthritis

If you have rheumatoid arthritis, you could be at a greater risk of getting bunions and having other foot-related issues. Working with your Orthopedist to take anti-inflammatory medications can help keep your arthritis under control, which can help with these symptoms and can help provide some relief from your pain as well. Next time that you see your doctor about your arthritis, make sure that you mention any foot-related problems that you might be having; many people don't do this because they don't know that the two problems are related

3. Not Wearing the Right Shoes

Did you know that high heels can actually cause bunions and a host of other foot problems? Even though they might look great, they aren't good for your feet. Avoiding wearing high heels whenever possible can help you prevent bunions; if you just have to wear them when you go out or when you're at work, consider bringing along a pair of foldable flats in your bag so that you can take your heels off during your commute. Additionally, it is also critical to always make sure that you wear shoes that fit properly; ill-fitting shoes, particularly those that are too small, can also cause bunions. To keep your feet as healthy as possible, make sure that you wear properly fitting, supportive shoes.

As you can see, there are various things that can cause bunions. If you think that you might have bunions or if you are otherwise experiencing pain in your feet, consider scheduling an appointment with an orthopedist so that he or she can get to the bottom of the problem and provide you with suggestions that can allow you to get some relief.