Heel pain can be difficult to have to deal with, as you may be on your feet often. Even when you aren't on your feet, you may feel this pain, which makes it even more daunting, as resting can be painful for you. If you have heel pain, it may be caused by a number of different things. Read on for a few things that may be causing the pain in your heels and what you can do to help treat it yourself. 

Wearing The Wrong Shoes

If you're wearing shoes that are too small for you, or that push your feet forward, or shoes that aren't supportive in the soles it can lead to heel pain. You need to wear shoes that fit your feet properly and that offer support for your entire foot, including your heels. Wear comfortable shoes that don't squeeze your feet or cause any pain at all to your feet. If you aren't able to move your feet in your shoes, they're too small. If you feel burning in your heels from your shoes, they aren't supportive enough. Change the type of shoes you've been wearing and consult your foot doctor about what type of shoes are best for your feet.

Not Resting Enough

If you are always on your feet and never giving yourself a break, you may be causing your own heel pain. You need to take some time to sit and rest throughout the day and give your feet and heels a break. If being on your feet is part of your daily job, you still need to take a few minutes each day to rest your feet. At night you need to rest your feet as well, keep your feet up and soak them when necessary in a foot bath of Epsom salts and lavender essential oil.

Not Stretching

If you don't stretch before doing any type of exercise or continuous movement, it can cause you pain, and the same goes for your feet. You need to stretch your feet to prevent pain or injury to your feet. Stretch your feet before you begin your day or before doing any type of exercising. 

If you have heel pain, you should consult your podiatrist and get the right type of treatment for your foot pain. Use the information above to help you prevent any further pain to your feet and to offer some relief from your pain.