Seeking a second medical opinion is not just necessary, but it's highly encouraged. Some patients have suffered misdiagnosis, resulting in improper treatment that causes more bodily harm. Seeking a second opinion can put your mind at ease, so attorneys and insurance adjusters are encouraged to contract independent medical evaluations for clients of medical cases. Here are the benefits of seeking out such services. 

Settles Disputes

Victims of road and workplace accidents are encouraged to seek independent medical evaluations as they help collaborate their stories. Getting a report highlighting your injuries from a medical expert adds credibility to your case, improving your chances of winning a lawsuit. Insurance companies also use such services to verify the claim before authorizing compensation to the victims. 

Personalized Care

Independent medical evaluation is a fancy way of hiring a private doctor tasked to focus on you. As such, you should only expect services geared towards your need. This type of care helps to address the patient's immediate and long-term medical help, which can help improve their recovery time. Patients who require such services could be those suffering from chronic illnesses like autoimmune diseases and require specialized care. 

Special Cases

Patients have different medical conditions—some rare enough to require a specialized medical professional to work with or monitor the recovery process. Such cases are common with athletes who have suffered broken limbs, dislocated joints, hamstring, and other sports-related illnesses. In such cases, the management would seek out independent orthopedic evaluations that would recommend the best form of treatment. The patient will also work closely with the orthopedic doctor until they fully recover. 

Mental and Emotional Evaluation

Independent medical evaluations don't end with the physical assessment, but also with the emotional and mental state of the patient. It's common for one to experience high-stress levels when battling an ailment, and the physician would monitor how the patient is responding to the injuries. It's a crucial assessment as it highlights how the patient responds to treatment, which can impact the recovery period.

Proper Diagnoses

A good number of patients have suffered from misdiagnosis and would end up receiving the wrong type of treatment. Instead of healing and improving, the patients would experience a negative response to the treatment and go from bad to worse. An independent medical evaluator will run parallel tests to verify if the patient is suffering from the condition diagnosed. That puts ease on the patient, allowing them to continue with the treatment. However, the physician can also recommend alternative treatments if the patient isn't responding positively to the initial prescription. 


Independent medical evaluations are highly encouraged as they help clarify, verify, and confirm medical claims, helping solve disputes. Patients seeking such services always receive informed information that affects their treatment and recovery. Contact a medical expert if you need help with independent medical evaluations.